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          • Bring out the strategist in you!

            Strathena is an innovative concept in business strategy training, consisting of a video course, quizzes and a strategy simulation game.

            Strathena is designed and developed by the company Interactive 4D, specialized in the design of serious games, and by Xavier Fontanet, former Chairman of Essilor and former director of L’Oréal and Schneider Electric, Xavier Fontanet is now a professor of Strategy, an editorial writer at Les Echos and a TV host of the BFM Stratégie program with Frédéric Simottel on BFM Business.

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          • News December 2018 :

      • Strathena on your Tablet!

      • You can have access to the course, quizzes and Strathena game on your computer (PC or Mac) via a recent Internet browser.

        To enjoy it on a tablet, download the Strathena App on Google Play or the App Store:

        Please note that an Internet connection is necessary to enjoy the course, the quizzes and the game.

      • Update of March 23, 2019: Following many requests, the Strathena App is now also available on iPhone. However, even if it’s possible to play on a smartphone, the display is less readable than on a computer or tablet screen..
      • Subscription
      • . Many contents are freely available.
      • . Since December 2018, a subscription has provided access to additional content: advanced courses, quizzes and three more complex game sessions to practice all the concepts discussed in the course.
      • The subscription gives unlimited access for 12 months to all courses, quizzes and three advanced sessions of the game. The introductory subscription price is 10 euros including VAT for 12 months.
      • It will gradually be expanded with new content and new game sessions.
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    • Other game modes

      The game exists in three formats:

        1. 1. On this website and with the Strathena mobile application, you can only play in single player mode. In this mode, you will playindependently against companies run by artificial intelligence. This game mode is suitable for individual learning or as part of distance training.
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      1. The other two game modes are available on request:
        1. 2. In multiplayer mode, the game allows a trainer toto lead a strategy course by playing players against each other. Each player drives the strategy of a company in competition with those led by the other players. In particular, it is possible in this mode to train for external growth strategy:
          • By auctioning off its least profitable divisions.
          • By buying the divisions offered for sale by its competitors.
        1. This mode is suitable for training organisations, educational institutions and companies. Different levels of difficulty make it possible to adapt it to the level of learners, from secondary schools to higher business schools and companies.
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      1. 3. In simulation mode, the game allows you tocompare automatically different strategies to assess their relevance. This mode is mainly intended for companies and strategy consulting firms.
        1. .Many economic sectors are simulated: aeronautics, automotive, bakeries, large-scale distribution, public works, IT… On request, it is possible to simulate a specific economic sector to allow a company to study the impact of its strategic decisions. Contact us for more information on rates and implementation modalities.
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