Strathena Competition of High School Students

Represent your high school in the inter-school competition organized by the fair LIBSCO and Strathena, the strategy and entrepreneurship serious game!
Become a “Gold Strategist” and be a guest on BFM Business in the “BFM Stratégie” show hosted by Xavier Fontanet!


Competition principle

In partnership with Interactive 4D, LIBSCO, the “salon de la liberté pédagogique” fair organizes a major competition open to all high school seniors, regardless of their high school: public, private, generalist or vocational. Strathena, the business strategy serious game, has already attracted more than 5000 participants during its last edition! Make this competition an asset for your students and your establishments!


The prize for the participating high school students and finalists:
• a live final at the fair LIBSCO for the 4 teams of finalists,
• an invitation on the set of the show “BFM Stratégie” hosted by Xavier Fontanet on the BFM Business channel.
• a “Gold Strategist” certificate (Silver or Bronze) to be claimed in Parcoursup,
• … and a real knowledge of Business Strategy!


The competition is divided into 3 phases:
1. a training phase, open to all high school students of the establishment. registered,
2. a qualifying phase, where the top 3 players of each establishment compete in a major inter-school competition,
3. a final phase live at Libsco fair between the top four teams!


To consult the complete rules of the game, click here.
Any questions? Contact the competition team by email at ! It will be a pleasure to answer.


High school Registration

From February 6, 2019 to March 18, 2019
Register your establishment in a few clicks on the LIBSCO website at the following address:

The registration fee is 60 euros per high school but is offered to the first 50 high schools. Don’t delay!


High school students registration

From February 6 to March 18, 2019
Once the participating school has registered for the contest, the high school students can register individually on the website or via the Strathena application (Free) downloadable on AppStore (for iPad) or on Google Play (for tablets and Android smartphones)

Update of 23 March, 2019: Following many requests, the Strathena application is now also available on iPhone. However, even if it’s possible to play on a smartphone, the display will be less readable than on a computer or tablet screen.

In the Registration Form (login/registration menu), each high school student indicates his or her high school by selecting it from a drop-down list.


Phase 1 – Training

From February 6 to March 10, 2019

High school students play on a computer or tablet during the first game session, by piloting their company against other companies piloted by artificial intelligence. Each high school student has access to the games’scores.

All students can participate in the training phase of the competition, with no limit on the number of participants or the number of games played.


Phase 2 – Qualifications

From March 11 to March 24, 2019
In each participating school, the top 3 players from the training phase are selected to play the qualifying phase against the other high schools.
. They now have access to additional resources: online strategy courses (videos), tutorials, etc.
. The number of games played is always unlimited.
. At the end of the qualifications, the best score of each of the 3 participants of each team is added to determine the final score of each establishment.

The names of the 4 best high schools are announced no later than March 28, 2019.


Phase 3 – Final in Paris

On Saturday, April 6, 2019
The 4 best establishments in the qualification phase are selected for the final.

Their teams compete for the final in public during the fair LIBSCO on Saturday, April 6, 2019.
. A Strategist’s certificate (gold, silver, bronze or participation) is awarded to each member of the finalist teams.


Phase 4 – TV show

Second quarter 2019

The captain of each finalist team is invited to the set of the BFM Stratégie show hosted by Xavier Fontanet on BFM Business.


Register your establishment for the competition