Level 2 (Bakeries – subscribers)


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Score to beat on February 23, 2019: 12,562

This game session is an evolution of the session “Conquering territories (level 1)”.

It shows the importance of strategies for conquering territories. It features three family companies: a Breton, a Savoyard and a Northerner who have developed extraordinary bread ranges and, thanks to their regional presence, want to open bakeries throughout France.

You will be the head of Pochic, the Breton company. Your two competitors, from the North and Savoie, will be managed by artificial intelligence.

To finance your development, you can count on your ability to self-finance an on the debt leverage. You can also disinvest from some regions to invest in others


Level 2 – Bakeries – Market share of Pochic Company
(companies and fictitious data)


At the first level, you had competed against your competitors for 10 virtual years and each year lasted 3 minutes. In this level 2, you will face them during 20 virtual years but each year will only last for 2 minutes.

An additional difficulty is added : you will have to pay attention to the risk of overcapacities that crushes prices and profitability. A new graph will inform you of the annual ratio Supply and demand in each region (submenu “Competitors’ Graph”).

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