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Score to beat on February 23, 2019: 8,316

In this new automotive game, you are at the head of Latesun, the American leader in electric vehicles. In the previous game (“Level 3 – Stay on top!”), you were the cat, you’ll now be the mouse, but a mouse with opportunities!

As a reminder, the game is played on six slots:

  • Electric motor vehicles in Europe, Asia and the American continent.
  • Thermal motor vehicles in Europe, Asia and the American continent


The world is not the same as today (we are in an ideal world), you do not have any production problems and have succeeded in an alliance in China giving you a good market share also in Asia.


Your company, Latesun, is not the world leader because it is only present at the beginning of the game in the velectric motor vehicle sector  and not in the market segment of vehicles with internal combustion engine which today represents the largest market segment. But the electric motor vehicle’s market is growing faster by substituting the thermal motor vehicle market (we have assumed that at 25 years old the electric could represent more than 50% of the market). So you can hope one day to be a world leader, all slots combined!


Go from challenger to leader – 2018 assets of the five competitors
(companies and fictitious data)


However, you are being pursued by traditional competitors who are less strong in electricity but who have solid milk cows in the thermal markets, giving them the resources to catch up with you.

You will of course be able to use the debt leverage effect, like your competitors, but you have an asset they don’t have (in the game): the power to issue shares because you are a “pure player” leader in your field, with a clear strategy, which the stock market appreciates.


The world has changed: customs barriers have been created, debt has become more expensive than today, bankers are stricter and “product” sections have an important geographical dimension.


.Go from challenger to leader – Latesun board of directors


Good luck!


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