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A level 1 game session is accessible to all upon registration. Over a short period of time (10 years), it allows to familiarize with the basic concepts of the share price (importance of market share, asset allocation strategy, strategic debt, dividend policy, etc.).

Other game sessions are accessible to subscribers. More sophisticated, they allow to practice advanced price concepts (share issues, life cycles, substitution, BCG matrix…).

The subscription gives unlimited access for 12 months to all courses, quizzes and 3 advanced sessions of the game. The introductory price is 10 euros including VAT for 12 months.

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A little technique

An Internet connection is required to enjoy the course, quizzes and game

The above link allows you to play on a computer (PC or Mac) via a recent internet browser but is not suitable for tablets or smartphones.

To enjoy it on an Android or iPad tablet, download the Strathena application on Google Play or the App Store:
Note: although it is possible to install the Strathena App on an Android smartphone (or on an iPhone since March 23, 2019) to enjoy classes and quizzes, it is better to play on a tablet for a good visibility of the information..


Your opinion matters!

We want to develop the Strathena game over the next few months and we need your feedback and any suggestions for improvements. Feel free to share your feedback with us by clicking here.


And now, play on.

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