This Business Strategy course consists of videos of the BFM Stratégie show, that Xavier Fontanet hosted with Frédéric Simottel on BFM Business between January and June 2018, of three evaluation quizzes and the Strathena strategy game.

As in a sports competition, we advise you to warm up first, then train before competing.


Start by watching videos of the show BFM Strategie. They are grouped by theme.

Evaluate yourself

Nine quizzes will allow you to evaluate your knowledge acquired through the videos.

Each of these quizzes focuses on a part of the course.

For each chapter, you will win a badge after correctly answering all the questions in the quiz (new on June 28, 2019).

To follow your progress, click on “My account” and then on the submenu “My badges”. Your badges are listed there.

Train yourself through play

To train yourself, play the Strathena game and compete against virtual companies run by artificial intelligence.


A training session of the Strathena game is available to all. If you want to deepen your knowledge with advanced courses, test your level with new quizzes and practice more advanced game sessions, you can subscribe.

The subscription gives unlimited access for 12 months to all courses, quizzes and 3 advanced sessions of the game. The introductory price is 10 euros including VAT for 12 months.

Click here to access the course.